El vicio del peso, Hilario Galguera 
Solo exhibition, Mexico city, Mexico, September - november 2019

Through this exhibition, the work of Gwladys Alonzo articulates two nearby opposing spaces: the terrace of Galería Hilario Galguera and El Búnker, a space for curatorial projects. One, located outdoors, recalls the organic and light, while the other, airtight, is confined to shadows. The bodies gathered here reveal the result of a mutationbetween the living and the inert. This sculptures emerge from the strange yet powerful associations generated from gray matter as a medium. Where the fascinating and the horrifying are inscribed, this exhibition seeks to create tension between the different ways in which sculptural monumentality and material fragility are conceived. As well as the relationships projected from peso as a monetary unit and as a measure of force exerted between bodies, hinting at the desire to crumble the impenetrable.