Eternal return TIC-TAC, Colector Gallery, solo exhibition, Monterrey,  México, January - march 2020

Where do we look for eternity? Rigidity and monumentality seem to be the obvious answers, however ignoring other alternatives would be unwise. Her sculptural practice explores the tensions between the liquid and the rigid, the mundane and the extraordinary; fragility and the eternal.

In a world eager to build more, material opportunities are limited by the greedy ambition for development. Gwladys seeks to challenge these restrictions with irreverent virtuosity. The same concrete that construct structures with a desire for immortality becomes delicate. Its stiffness now appears feathery.


The preferred materiality of development flirts with new aspirations. In this eagerness to stretch the possibilities of the material; the search for the eternal is diluted. Like a beast that refuses to be tamed, concrete sneaks and squirms until time allows. Perhaps by freezing the movement and strength of this worldly beast, Alonzo’s sculpture makes us reconsider our desires for eternity.

-Armando Quintana